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  1. Cichlids-r-beasts

    Buttikoferi aggression?

    (This is a pic of him that I took today) I have my butti for about 6 months now. I got him when we was 1.5 inches. I reason I bought him was because he was the runt of the group of buttis in that tank. He had some torn fins, scales missing but he was atleast swimming. I felt sorry for him so I...
  2. Cichlids-r-beasts

    I dont want red devil to get hurt

    I'd like to see a picture of your "red Phoenix cichlid"
  3. Cichlids-r-beasts

    My Midas Clan

    You're a troll aren't you?
  4. Cichlids-r-beasts

    Identification help

    I might be late with this cause I only Registered a few hours ago. But those are 2 male Mozambique tilapia,I'm not entirely sure if they're Mozambique But they are tilapia.
  5. Cichlids-r-beasts

    Texas Cichlid

    That's awesome. I currently have a Texas pair, male 7" and female 4" and they get along fine with my other cichlids/non cichlids. Just goes to show that every fish is different.
  6. Cichlids-r-beasts

    the meanest cichlid

    My vote goes to the butti. Mean as hell,and they grow fast. 1-1.5" a month. He had my male Texas backed up into a corner and he was only half my Texas size.