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    Stocking Question

    Hi all. I just want to confirm that I'm stocked okay (a wee bit overstocked is okay, as I do religious weekly water changes). I currently have: 10 cardinal tetras 7 albino cory cats 3 dwarf honey gouramis 4 swordtails (one male, 3 females) 2 African dwarf frogs (yes, they eat!) 1 Bolivian...
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    Need help please

    I'm wanting to stock my 30gallon aquarium. I'm thinking to schools would be okay. I'm thinking of a school of 5kuhli loach. I have read if you don't keep at least 5 they will always be hiding. Then my second school I want Bala shark of 5. I have read if you don't keep them in a school that they...
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    New 60 Stocking Help and Ideas

    Hey guys, My 60 has been running for a few months now but not with to many inhabitants. It is planted with water wisteria, a couple amazon swords, anubias, and a few java ferns. The only residents as of right now are a group of 5 albino corydora (I know they do better in 6+ but my LFS only had...