1. W

    All 4 Neon Tetras died

    Hello! I came home today to find my 4 tetras dead today. All were fine last night. They were in different areas in the tank, except 2 which were stuck to the filter. What would cause them to all die together? 4 tetras (no longer) 3 male guppies 1 Otocinclus 10 gallons 73 degrees Water tested...
  2. W

    Found a baby Emperor Tetra

    Hello! So I was away for the weekend, I came back and I found a tiny fish in my tank, and I do believe its an Emperor Tetra. I have 6 Emperor Tetras in there. You can somewhat see its size in the photo compare to my Cardinal Tetras. Its a little over 1cm in size. So Im wondering, how old is...
  3. A

    Help please??

    30 Gallon Tank What do y'all think? 5Sterba Cory Catfish 6Black Phantom Tetra 2Angelfish 1Bristlenose Pleco 2Kuhli Loach
  4. E

    Aggresive tank mates plus goldfish

    Hi! I'm posting in a bunch of forums because I really need help... At my job we have a fish tank and its not doing well. They have had it for years, far before I started, and the staff who used to take care of it left. Since then it was periodically taken care of by someone else, but the tank...
  5. M

    New 60 Stocking Help and Ideas

    Hey guys, My 60 has been running for a few months now but not with to many inhabitants. It is planted with water wisteria, a couple amazon swords, anubias, and a few java ferns. The only residents as of right now are a group of 5 albino corydora (I know they do better in 6+ but my LFS only had...
  6. FishInSpace

    Oddly swimming Skirt Tetra

    One of my fish is swimming increasingly oddly, do you guys think he's sick (in which case what does he have and how worried for my other fish should I be) or is he just getting old? I purchased some GloFish tetras 3 1/2 weeks ago (5 fish in a 10 gallon tank). One of the fish is clearly on the...
  7. Laura_b

    Big tetra - swim in peace!

    So after a few days of my larger tetra hiding away and then being unseen completely, I decided to have q look around and rearrange the tank at the same time. Found him on the bottom of the tank next to a decoration :( no idea what killed him but no sign of disease as far as I could tell. You...
  8. Laura_b

    What's up with my tetra?

    Hi all, I was wondering if any of you had any ideas or advice on what might be the problem with my tetra? It's only one out of the three that is affected, has lost some colouration, looks a little lumpy and I have spotted one white spot on its tail..really hoping it's not ick. I have only...