Cichlid Tank Possibility

Dec 14, 2011
I'm considering getting another tank-- and I'm really leaning toward stocking it with Cichlids. It would be about 45-50+ gallons, and I'm thinking of going with Lake Malawi Cichlids (I read that it's easier to take care of them if they're all originally from the same lake.) What do you guys think? What fish should I be looking of putting together?


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Africans are great fish to have!! I have a few myself. The best thing to do is go down to your local and see what they carry. Get the names of them all and also note which ones you like the best. You can then go to . This site has fairly good info on what is compatible (you may want to get the scientific name of the fish first). You may also want to do some research on Africans as well. They are very rewarding and colorful fish.

Matt Nace

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Oct 22, 2002
I agree with KcMopar. Go take a look at what the fish store has to offer. There are all differant types from that lake and they dont always work together. There are some such as the Peacocks they probebly carry that will get beat up by the average Mbuna Zebra cichlids. There are Haps that get large and may not work in that tank. If you have a smart phone you could probebly plug the name in and see what people say about it on google.

My favorites are the Mbunas but there are many peacocks and haps I enjoy also. Some of them you have to be careful how many you get..sometimes more is better as it helps to limit picking on one fish. Sometimes a species will get pick ed on just for being the same color or close. They will entertain you though if you choose wisely. It is awesome to see them breed and the "sons" grow up and take the father's place as king of the tank. I am on my 4rd generation of fish, the original mother fish after several years is still in the tank producing fry.