A new pic of my 75


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Nov 30, 2005
Charlotte, NC
Do your cardinals swim around or do they kind of hang in one spot most of the time? I've been contemplating getting a pair, but in other tanks I've seen, they don't seem to move around a whole lot.


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Mar 3, 2005
NE Indiana
the frogspawn shadows quite a bit of the right side, I am looking for a nice piece of sun coral for that spot....I recently added a 1 inch frag of Palau neon green tree sinularia at the bottom right.

Lotus funny you should say that I fragged off about 10 good pieces and unfortunately I threw out about 1/3 of that today. The local lfs said he couldn't keep it alive in his tanks.....the 20 nice frags will go with me to reef meeting at the end of the month hopefully I can swap some for a nice piece of monti cap like that one Geek just picked up.

Geek it is coming along.....some things like the xenia take over and need to be cut back, I even cut back the purple digitata....It seems funny cutting back a coral....but they do grow better for pruning them back.

Limi my cardinals do move around quite a bit but nothing like they do once its lights out. They are nocturnal and virtually hunt the tank at night. My yellow tang and the six line ar probably the most active. I am looking for a fish that will swim around out in the open more.....thinking a flame angel or a foxface.


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Jul 29, 2004
New Jersey
The tank is looking amazing Lorna, it is very impressive. Fish are looking great and the cardinals are looking healthy and thriving (I had a bad experience with them but it was more of bad luck so they stuck out right away, there great fish)

Has the six line given you any trouble with other inhabitants or coral nipping?