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Mar 3, 2005
NE Indiana
Some new pics Dial up be very afraid....




other side

new additions

Not new just a nice shot

Stats...tank has been up since dec/05 120bls or so of marshall island live rock on a 6 inch deep sand bed. equipment is, two seio 820's an old aquaclear hob filter for water movement and carbon. a Aqua Remora pro skimmer and a 48" current usa outer orbit light(2x130w dual actinics and 2 x 150w mh) No sump YET...
livestock....frogspawn, torch, candycane/trumpet, toadstool, cabbage, favia, hydnophora,montipora digitata, purple and orange, bali slimer, open brain, tube or scroll coral, along with numerous mushrooms, blue/red/green/ pulsing xenia, alien eye zoas, green palythoas, green star polyps, hairy mushroom, a t.crocea and t.derasa clam, black cuke, peppermint shrimp, sally lightfoot, snails of all sorts...yellow tang, pair of percula clowns, pair bangaii cardinals, 6 line wrasse, coral beauty, diamond gobie

the 20 has a new pygmy angel, citron gobie, wheeler gobie along with a tiger pistol shrimp, skunk cleaner shrimp & peppermint shrimp. This has a frogspawn, a sinularia, a toadstool green star polyps and mushrooms all over 50lbs of live rock,a cpr bakpak2 and 65w pc light.

I can't add another thing so now I will sit back and monitor everything.....


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Jul 29, 2004
New Jersey
your rockwork is really well done Lorna, very impressive. Your hammer coral is looking huge too. The bangai cardinals look great in the tank best of luck on the breeding of them (mouth brooding fish are sweet and I wish mine had bred)

curious in the second picture whats that black tube like thing in the back bottom left corner underneath the seio?